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Clubtroppo presents the Missing Link, a chatty roundup of interesting commentary in the Australian blog scene. Missing Link is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Missing Link Friday – The War on Whinging

With low unemployment, low inflation and 20 straight years of economic growth, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Jessica Irvine is astounded at how so many Australians are carrying on as if they live in a debt-wracked European basket case. Younger Australians … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – journalism, welfare, filial piety and big metal boxes

How aged care reform slipped off the media agenda: “Confronted with a major policy initiative that, while affecting millions, offered little potential for partisanship or prurience, the media was a little flummoxed”. Mr Denmore, The Failed Estate. The limits of … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – The end of the age of entitlement?

In a speech at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey announced the the end of the age of entitlement. He followed up the speech with an interview for the ABC’s Lateline. At Billablog, Hockey’s speech inspires a … Continue reading

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Don’s Missing Link – Now on Twitter!

Twitter’s a great medium for sharing links and short comments. And since that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with Missing Link Friday it raises an obvious question — why not take Missing Link to Twitter? So I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – ‘Social justicitis’ and other disorders

Classical liberals and social justice: "many defenders of private economic liberty suffer from a malady that I shall call social justicitis. Social justicitis, as I use that term, refers to a strongly negative, even allergic, reaction to the idea of … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – Innovation, conservatism, web 2.0 etc

Why don’t women patent? "In Why Don’t Women Patent?, a recent NBER paper, Jennifer Hunt et al. present a stark fact: Only 5.5% of the holders of commercialized patents are women." Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution. Innovation and inequality: What effect … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – Sinclair Davidson vs Malcolm Turnbull

A commodities boom can temporarily boost government revenue, says Malcolm Turnbull. Mostly that’s a good thing. But when governments respond by making non-temporary changes to the budget, we have a problem: If, rolling in a big cyclical surplus, a government … Continue reading

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